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jueves, enero 17, 2008

send more cops!

Hola, despues de mucho tiempo, he regresado!
Bueno, pues les deseo un año lleno de nenas,billete y sin gripa.

Recien llegado de la selva chocuana, y con el mail lleno de cosas, he decidido compartir con uds un mail - y mi respectiva respuesta- que recibi en días pasados de Jens Nave, uno de los "trabajadores" de la RBMA en Colonia,Alemania. Espero les agrade...

> Hi Tufan, Hi Victor,
hello jens, nice to heard from you

> I hope you both are well...

really well,yeah,just arriving from the jungle, "mucho mosquito".

> There is this song called "Send More Cops" you both created at the
> Academy...funnily enough you both stated that you don't have any
> writing or recording or mixing credits for this song...could you
> please let me know who wrote the song?

tecnically tufan writte and mixed the song.

If there is any story/
> inspiration behind this song, that info would be usefull too

hahaha, ok, it is difficult to explain,i will try:

we as participan on the RBMA in toronto always were in company of the
wonderful "henrry our man",henrry always had with him a radio in order to
have everythig really organized for us...one nite me (v. vélez from
colombia) after some soflty drinks,in the outside of the Supermarket,while
wainting the van to go to the hotel to "sleep",took the radio of henrry
and said to the one who were in the other side of the radio, the classic
prhase of the classic zombie movie from the 80s (of course not classic as
real zombie classic movies as the originals...) called "The Return of the
Living Dead"(1985). the prhase is "send more cops". this happend when the
zombies ask for more cops in order to eat their brains in the cemantary.
they use the radio of the police (eaten by the zombies) and said "send
more cops!", and the cops arrived and then they eat the police brains...

this song is like "big respects to the RBMA and all people behind it like
henrry".this song represents all the feeelings there (in the academy,in

Will be really nice if this history appears in the cd, like a tribute to
the RBMA and Toronto, you can change some words in order to have more fun
or just to help me with my silly english.

I hope all is clear, even let me know if you needs more explanation (maybe
as a homework,the RBMA in Germany should watch the movie) or need more
info or clarife something...

better wishes for 08,big hugs and respects,

Alejandro Vélez


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